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Jun. 27th, 2012


WANT: Rudolf - Affaire Mayerling [Score]


I'm looking for the score of Rudolf Affaire Mayerling.
It stars Drew Sarich in case you didn't know.
It's a German show, so it's quite hard to find the score.

If you had it, please contact me at nam_phong@hotmail.com
My site: http://musicalist.weebly.com/

Any information would be appreciated too :D

May. 31st, 2012


Back to the game

Hi guys,

It's been a long time. As I was mainly interested in collecting videos, the shutdown of MU had a huge impact on me, and I did stop trading for a long time.

Today, I got a chance to scan through my video collection and pick out the working links. These links are uploaded by me to my Hotfile account.

There is not much, but if you're interested in any, feel free to contact me at nam_phong@hotmail.com

Have a nice day!


- Guys and Dolls (Guys & Dolls) - Wichita (VOB)
Another amazing production from The Music Theatre Of Wichita. Filmed on a tripod with zooms. Quality A.

- Dreamgirls  - 8/04 - Tour, Pittsburgh, PA
Frenchie Davis, David Jennings, Andre Garner, Ramona Keller, Angela Robinson
Very well filmed version, with sound directly from soundboard and filmer used tripod with zooms and pans. A+

- Little Shop Of Horrors - 11/95 ~ Pittsburg, PA (VOB)
Theatre production at the historic Byham Theatre in Pittsburgh.  This production is closer to the original Off Broadway production than the recent Broadway version.  
Semi-proshot using one camera on a tripod. Quality A-

- Phantom OBC Rehearsal 1986
Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman, Steve Barton, Hal Prince, Charles Hart
About 40 minutes

- Legally Blonde - Workshop Video
Annaleigh Ashford as Elle Woods performing songs from Legally Blonde the musical in this onstage workshop

- Everyday Rapture – 4/24/09 ~ Off-Broadway (VOB)
Sherie Rene Scott, Eamon Foley, Lindsay Mendez, Betsy Wolfe.
Written by Dick Scanlan and Sherie Rene Scott, and featuring music supervision by Tom Kitt and direction by Michael Mayer. Sherie Rene Scott starred in the semi-autobiographical show, at Second Stage Theatre. Everyday Rapture is the story of a young woman's psycho-sexual-spiritual journey on the rocky path that separates her mostly Mennonite past from her mostly Manhattan future. Her life takes her from the cornfields of Kansas to the clover fields of New York (with a disturbing detour through YouTube). The show also features songs made famous by David Byrne, George Harrison, U2, The Dap Kings, and Judy Garlandî. Well filmed and crystal clear. Some spotlight washout in the wider shots. A

- Jekyll and Hyde - 2001 - Broadway - English subtitled!
David Hasslehoff, Coleen Sexton, Andrea Rivette, George Merritt, Barrie Ingham
A televised performance with hard subtitle on video.

- Phantom of the Opera - Broadway - Jan 9th 1988 (VOB)
First Broadway Preview
Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman, Steve Barton
Not bad quality for it's age. Quality B.

- The Fantasticks - 1990 - San Diego, CA, USA (VOB)
Eric Kunze
Filmed on a tripod. Quality A-

- Starlight Express - Las Vegas, 8 September 1996 (VOB)
Shot like a cam, but with a pro grade SVHS or Beta camera.  A little shaky, but great colours and nice and clear, though there’s some minor gen loss.  Includes rehearsal, warmup, and backstage footage before and after the show.  Recorded for the cast and crew.   (FINAL VEGAS PERFORMANCE.)

- Cirque du Soleil - O - AVI

- West Side Story - 7/2000 - Milan, Italy (VOB)
David Miller (Tony), Montserrat Marti (Maria), Jim Ambler (Riff), Juan Betancur (Bernardo), Christine Marie Norrup (Anita), Neil Hemphill (Krupke).  
Presented at the world famous opera house, Teatro Alla Scala (La Scala).  
Recorded through the house camera, so it’s a full stage shot with audio patched in directly from the sound board.  
Beautiful, full production of the show. In English. Some generational loss. Quality A-

Sep. 12th, 2008


Some pictures of the show

The Auction


think of me

Angel of Music

Little Lotte

The Mirror

The Phantom of the Opera

Music of the Night

I Remember/Stranger then you dremt it

Notes/Prima Dona

IL Muto

All I ask of you


Notes reprise

Pass the Point of No Return

The Final Sceen

Sep. 9th, 2008


Comparison the stage and the movie

The Phantom of the Opera

by Kristen Kernats Cập nhật : 28/04/2006 15:07

"I've taken her innocent, childish heart and cruelly twisted it into submission; and for every tear that has fallen down her pale cheeks I have shed a hundred in remorse. This has to be the most wicked thing I've ever done in my life, but I can't stop...I can't let her go, I can't let him take her from me."

A simple story of unrequited love, loneliness, and music.

"I'd been the Angel of Doom for the khanum. There was no reason in the world why I could not be the Angel of Music for Christine."

"Such quiet, controlled, and yet infinitely destructive sadness made me ache to comfort her even as my eyes devoured her."

"You're always watching. What a pity you never quite manage to see."

"The mirror showed me my demented reflection as I began to beat my hands frenziedly on the thick glass. "Christine!" His voice took hold of me like two mighty hands, no longer cold and remote, but gentle and strangely sad."

"Beyond the lake lies a hidden world of magic, a temple of dreams which I explore with ever deepening wonder."

"Sometimes I wonder if he's ever known a single moment of true happiness here on this earth . . ."

"Oh, Christine! If there were indeed a loving God in heaven it should be my arm around your waist now, my shoulder upon which you lean in your utter exhaustion."

"I couldn't hope to be a man to her, I couldn't ever be a real, breathing, living man waking at her side and reaching out for her... But I could be her angel."

"She belonged to the upper world of daylight and applause. I had to accept that there would always be young men to admire her. I had to condition myself to her absence, learn to hold a loose reign, when all my instincts were to clutch and hold and smother."

"You're not opposed to deception of the senses, then?...You could perhaps, under certain circumstances, find some illusions . . . acceptable?"

"Don’t touch me! I am Red Death stalking abroad!”

"I was almost smiling at this splendid animation, governing an absurd impulse to cheer, when Christine suddenly put her head down and began to cry like a lost child."

"Again and again I toss her to the sky like a young gyrfalcon and each time she soars with greater confidence and strength before returning to the safety of her master's gloved hand."

"His Don Juan Triumphant seemed to me at first one long, awful, magnificent sob. But, little by little, it expressed every emotion, every suffering of which mankind is capable. It intoxicated me."

" I felt her tears on my forehead... on mine, mine!... They were soft... they were sweet!... They trickled down under my mask... they mingled with my tears in my eyes... they floated between my lips... I tore off my mask so as to not lose one of her tears... and she did not run away!... And she did not die!...She remained alive, weeping over me, with me. We cried together! I have tasted all the happiness the world can offer!"

"I love you, Erik. I love you in so many ways... but my love is the love of a child afraid to grow up."

"None of us can choose where we will love... All I ever wanted, was to be loved for myself."

Oh, wait...

Sep. 7th, 2008


Phantom model

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